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Sunday, July 09, 2006

One should believe in SIGNS!

Im back from the airport, and still in Amman! And apparently will be staying here, and won't even try to plan for a vacation any time soon.

So here's the story, I've been getting those signs that say 'don't go', 'don't go', it's not going to work, and kept ignoring them... thinking it's only because im just too excited.

What happened is that, my colleague who was supposed to be travelling with me didn't get her Schengen Visa on time... this is the first thing that happened to lessen our enthusiasm about the whole issue. And then when it finally worked and she got a national visa, another problem happened with a girl who was supposed to join us, she got to Germany and had a problem with her visa, and she was locked in the transit area, with nothing to do and no where to go... but to come back to Amman in the first returning flight at night.

It didn't stop here, things started to get worse, when I discovered that the flight was CANCELLED! I had my bag packed, everything prepared, and was in the way to the airport when I got the news. It was a shock! I've been working for two years now and this never happened! Not even once.

And with this shocking news, and the fact that the next flight will depart tomorrow evening.. i just made up my mind, and decided that it's just not meant to be,,, how do I feel? well, not bad... not bad at all! Cause i do believe that things happen for a reason, who knows what would happen if I was there... it all happens for the best... I'd say thank God, it stopped in this way!
And watching the final game in Amman is not too bad after all.. :)
So back to work tomorrow... and to all the fuss that will happen because of the unexpected cancelled flight!
Funny stories about tomorrow's passengers reactions will be posted soon!


  • At July 09, 2006 , Blogger Hareega said...

    I agree things happen for a reason, enjoy watching it tomorrow.

  • At July 09, 2006 , Anonymous Khawaja M. said...

    Hmmmm... coooooooool :)
    I faced the same problem when my flight to Kuwait was postponed for 7 hours, and I preferred to wait in the airport, cos I already said good bye and I do not want to repeat the same drama ;)

    read this post to know how I did spend this 7 hours in the airport:

  • At July 09, 2006 , Blogger ABOUD said...

    If I was one of those who were going to watch the final game, the least thing I can do is to sue Lufthansa.

    Anyway, enjoy the game here.

  • At July 09, 2006 , Anonymous sabri said...

    im glad your not feeling bad, better luck next time.


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