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Sunday, July 30, 2006

To start a day,,,

I can never imagine starting my day at wrok without nescafe! What happens is that due to the fact that Im used to few sleeping hours, I go to work with closed eyes. And most of the time i'd be wondering how on earth do I drive every morning when im half asleep.

It's the same routine everyday, so robotic... but i guess it's the same everywhere... at least with us, we get some interesting stories (and i call that ACTION)! Like the guy who missed the flight because he was late arriving at the check-in counter yesterday, and was insiting that it's completely our fault!!! Or the woman who requested a hamburger sandwich but with no tomato on board!!! A hamburger sandwich??!! And her allergetic to tomato...!
Weird... ha? And demanding..!


  • At July 30, 2006 , Blogger Dar said...

    3ala 2olet el sha3er " masa2ebo kawmen 3enda kawmen fawa2edo "
    OMG it is hard to write fos7a in english !!!


  • At July 30, 2006 , Anonymous Jay said...

    Hamburger sandwich how funny. I bet you have to deal with lots of people who act in strange and weird ways. Ohh people

  • At August 07, 2006 , Blogger Moey said...

    Oh i can't live too, specially without starbucks.


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