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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


It seems to be our favorite sentence lately...'you are on the waiting list',,,
what? next week? ... ummm No, sorry, not possible!
So all flights are full till end of August... and still we have passengers wait-listed on 3 or 4 different days! It's not fun anymore... waking up for work!
It drives me mad and tired... going to office it's like going to a battlefield, with all the people sitting or just standing because there are no enough seats... People who are holding tickets out of Beirut that need to be changed... We hear sad stories everyday... some of them are understanding when we repeat our lately one and only sentence 'you're on the waiting list', others just seem to be more aggressive.. and we try to explain, to give hope... but for us it's just getting worse!
It's really hectic at work... never been as bad as this summer. I don't really feel encouraged anymore... i don't feel motivated!

Some of them are patient, and others keep's really normal nowadays to see children running in the office, or screaming or even crying!
It's normal to hear loud voices, or just to see us losing our tempers and yelling at each other.

This is at work,,, getting back home doesn't make it any better when watching the news! So it's a battle in and out... it's a total mess.


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