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Sunday, July 16, 2006

YES im part of this crazy world

Since the day i've decided to start blogging, I knew that this would be a 'Simply ME' blog... that has nothing to do with anything else but my small little world!

No place for wars, no place for killing, no place for weapons, no place for environmental disasters, and definitely no place for blood.

It was something i've done for myself,,, felt that I owe it to myself! Was and sitll more like a therapy... and it did work! Im so glad i started blogging that i can't imagine ever stopping...It's more like an addiction, once you've started you can't stop!
It's my own little corner,,, a place where I can let it all out... sometimes i rant, sometimes i talk about my day and sometimes i talk about the past, basically whatever i feel like writing about.. a place where i can turn to when im down and helps me to feel better, no matter in what mood i am, no matter how bad my day was... and YES it always makes me feel better!

The reason why I thought this is supposed to be a 'Simply ME', is that I believed I had my share of pain and misery, and that was enough for me, or let's say more than enough,,, I believed it's time for me to move on! Looking at all the shit that's happening around the world would only make my life more bitter, more painful, and harder to live...

I've read so many posts regarding what's happening in the past few days, and this is when i decided that i can't go quiet anymore... that YES I do care, that YES what's happening around makes me SAD... that YES im part of this crazy world...
Killing innocent people makes me angry, depressed, and in so much pain.
Rage is a strong word yet it doesn't in anyway come close to express how I feel... I wonder how long would it stay this way,,, that our deaths are represented by numbers not by names.. ! How long would we stay quiet,,, would we stay still... or is it that we're getting quieter and weaker with every hit we get?

Going to work at 8 am to find the office full of people who share the same desperate look in their eyes, the begging tone in their voices... they just begged to get out of here on the first available flight... people who left their loved ones behind not knowing what will happen to them...
It was so sad, when all the tickets were changed to be 'out of Amman' instead of 'out of Beirut'... and It broke my heart everytime our colleagues in Beirut called us to ask for help, or to ask for confirmed seats on our flight.

Innocent children are dying, this needs to stop! When will there ever be peace? They just make it hard to live in peace - to sleep in peace ...!!! Peace?
What is peace?!


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