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Friday, August 25, 2006

Lonely... I have nobody... call my owwnn

My story with this song goes back to a year ago when I was in Germany.
I was in a duty trip staying at the Wings Hotel which is owned by the LH and I have no idea why, but when im in a hotel, i just keep the TV on... although at home If there's the slightest sound (even if that was from the tiniest soundless watch), this would keep me awake.

I had the MTV on, and when I woke up, there it was... 'Lonely' by Akon,,,
It's so strange but this song SCARES me... at that time it just hit me, im lonely.... lonelyyyyyyyyy! I have no one! Suddenly I felt far away from everyone and everything, and what's even worse is the feeling of being lost... not knowing where I am or why am I there, in that weird small room that looked just too big, dark and empty.

Whenever I hear it again, that moment of loneliness comes back... and the fear comes back with it. The music is scary, the words are said in that unique odd voice... all in all, it's simply the ugliest song I've ever heared.

Lonely, I'm Mr. lonely, I have nobody, call my owwnnn Lonely I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody, call my owwnn Lonely, I'm Mr. lonely, I have nobody, call my ownnn I'm so lonely....
Everytime It's on the radio, It brings back that aweful moment and annoying memory... of weakness, loneliness, sadness, and lostness...


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