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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


In the past few days I didn't have time for blogging,,, all I can say is that this summer was different in so many ways... it's hectic and busy, yet I'll always remember the summer of 2006 as one of the best.

A week ago, while I was busy at work, I was shocked to see this huge bouquet of flowers. I've always wondered how it feels to get such a thing when not expected. And im telling you, it just feels GREAT! Amazing! Which again makes me insist on 'Who said it's hard to satisfy a girl? '

When you glow, or feel like flying... when you think that you can touch the sky,,, when you spend your time day dreaming, and your nights awake... when you wake up smiling,,, when you feel stronger than ever, and brighter than ever... then the summer of 2006 should definitely be a summer to remember...


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