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Monday, September 25, 2006

25th September 2006

To dad ,,, on your birthday

I thought one of the things growing up means is to be independent,,, to feel and be free... to own the world in your hand... to fly and catch the stars...
Growing up is taking your own decisions and being responsible of your actions, words and ways...

Growing up is to be mature and learn from your mistakes... but with whatever meaning you can think of or come up with,,, one thing i've come to realise and believe in, is that growning up never means to break the most precious bond in the world... your bond with parents. Growing up doesn't mean to need them less... !

No matter what paths life take you... no matter where you end up ,,, no matter what you will make of yourself and how far you can go... this bond always pulls you back!

Parents are the ones who love unconditionally... they are the ones who love you with no boundaries,,, the ones who keep forgiving... the most patient, caring and tender!

You're the one who is continuously encouraging me and teaching me how to be ambitious...

to work hard, to have a strong desire to be someone... not just anyone!

You're the one who were behind whatever achievements i have accomplished...

and will be behind whatever yet to be accomplished...

Who I am and what I am... I owe it to you!

Our disagreements don't make me love you less... and our misunderstandings don't mean a thing... it just make me closer!
I love you and I wish you a happy 61st birthday... I am blessed to have you as my dad.

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