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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Boredom @ Work

We had the busiest month of August, but now as we're heading to the beginning of low season... I admit it, I prefer the busy days... I prefer the craziness of not knowing from where to start, how to begin, how to complete everything without losing my mind, or all the times things got out of control and I had a habit of forgetting the cheques inside the photocopyer...

Nowadays I feel im getting lazy and spoiled, there's nothing to do really! But well, Ramadan is coming and then another course and this time it's to MUNICH!!

Not to Frankfurt as the training center is closed for renovation, and as much as I miss Frankfurt, I can't wait to try something else... something new! And a new destination...

One of the things I did recently to waste time, I had stickers on my old mobile, and before selling it, thought it's better to clean it... Looking around, I didn't find a better place than my
work's pc screen, thought it's a nice way to have a new look of my desk..

After calling most of my friends, when bored, I usually keep the mobile infront of me and keep checking my phonebook... This is how i've been spending my mornings lately! Trying to arrange exciting events for the weekends.

I start my day with nescafe and biscuits, but when it gets bored, i just can't handle it... and keep thinking of new things to eat...
Even if this means having fruit in the morning...

I don't mind it! Usually we have chocolates at office from all the passengers who fly with us, so there's always something to eat... always! And when we're out of choco, there's always something else... we're never out of food!

Finally, I guess it looks neater now... at least the papers are not all over the place.. What an accomplishment!


  • At September 07, 2006 , Anonymous Hani said...

    Being busy at work is the best of it... I mean having nothing to do means sitting for 8 hours doing nothing... which I would call a waste of life!

    Have a great trip and return safe :)

    btw: could you keep using flickr for the photos, plz?! :$

  • At September 07, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    hani,,, thanks! I think it's because I changed their sizes, they're not so clear :S but well, next time i'd use the flickr or simply keep their original sizes :$


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