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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I am obsessed with colors! I do believe that your favorite color does in someway reflect your personality.. and that the colors you chose for your outfit reflect your mood of the day...

I sitll see yellow as summer and blue as winter, and that there are certain colors to be worn for each season. Special nail polish colors, and different hair colors that match with both weather and mood.

I am also obsessed with furniture, and sometimes I do realise that i have a weird taste... I admit that! But well this is what it takes to be unique ;)

It really makes a difference.. a big difference- when painting a wall with a bright color instead of dark so that the room looks wider, or when having a dimmed light in a room to give it a better look instead of neon lamps.

As I was surfing the net... I thought this is extremely interesting... and very creative!

A chair with a lovely design from both sides...

A closet and a mirror with funky colors...
no one can ever get bored with such furniture..

With those benches (and such a wonderful combination between summerish colors), I wouldn't mind spending the whole day sitting in the garden.. it gives a feeling of freshness and energy just by looking at them...

What a successful attempt to come up with something new and forget the dull old designs!


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