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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Increasing Confidence 1- Philippa Davies

Confidence can be defined as having faith in your abilities, and the belief that you will be able to do what you want and to achieve what you wish.
Those who has it find it easier to learn new skills, to make friends, to enjoy happy relationships, to adapt to change and to achieve what they want in life.

Confidence makes you aware that learning from an experience is far more important than failure or success. And makes you more in control over your life. People feel the greatest stress when they feel they have little contol over what's happening in their lives.

Confidence can be gained when you're good and skilled in something, for example when you feel more condifent in a certain sport than in social events.

Confidence helps you to deal with uncertainty and to see challenges as opportunities and make challenging decisions.
It improves your effectiveness in interviews, meetings, presentations and when dealing with clients and colleagues.

Confidence will make people attracted to deal with you and give you a part in tasks that need leadership qualities and positive thinking.

The more confident you are, the more capable you appear to others, and so you attract more opportunities.
The more confident you are, the better you become in enjoying life's ups and dealing with its downs.
The attitude of a confidence person would be 'I didn't get it right that time- how can I do it differently next time?'
Confidence deos not mean that you are superior, in the contrary it means that you have failings and have plenty to learn.

To gain Confidence you should stop blaming others for your failures, what happened in the past you are responsible for yourself, you should avoid feeling sorry for yourself or acting like a 'victim' and you should avoid focusing on your bad points.
There's a theory that says eldest children, lonely children, or children with one sibling gets to have more confidence as they tend to get more parental attention.

It's possible that confidence is affected by genes, but it's more likely that your level of confidence is affected by your wellbeing, your past experiences, how you see yourself and how you perceive that others see you.


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