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Monday, October 02, 2006

Increasing Confidence 2- Philippa Davies

- Experience is the best teacher; the most experience you have the more confident you will become.
- Failure can build lasting confidence by turning it to a learning opportunity and a chance to improve.
No one tastes true success by living a very safe, uneventful existance.

- Analyze the reasons behind your insecurities and move from an emotional response to a more reasoned one.
- Confidence building requires a high level of self motivation. Make a commetment to change and to overcome fears that have held you hack, visualise success, and develop the positive frame of mind you need in order to rise to the challenges ahead and put the past behind to get off a good start.

- Overcoming your fears becomes easier once you know exactly what it is that you are afraid of.
- When emotions and imagination are engaged on a task, you are much more likely to succeed. (If you are to improve your social skills ===> draw yourself in the middle of a crowd of people, smiling, laughing, and looking entirely at ease).

- When building confidence, you need the kind of people who will encourage and support you around. People who help you achieve your goals, make you feel good about yourself, cheer you up when you are down, encourage and inspire you. You should also learn how to deal with unsupportive individuals who have a negative attitude.

- It is not so much our friends' help that helps us as the confident knowledge that they will help us.
- Seeing your weaknesses as strengths:
Impatience ==> Dynamism
Laziness ==> Relaxed Attitude
Stubborness ==> Strength of Mind
Shyness ==> Sensitivity

- Moving forwards constructively: Difficult situations and unhappy memories of the past need to be laid to rest if you are to move forwards confidently. (Try to find positive aspects of a negative experience, learn your lessons and then move on).

- Always be a first - rate version of yourself instead of a second - rate version of somebody else.

- When someone has more talent than you, that does not make them a better person. You have your own unique talents and qualities.

-In interacting with others, asking questions promotes a more relaxed state of mind as so is looking for a common ground with other people.

- Body langauge is more important than words in terms of first impressions. According to research we make up our minds about people in the first four minutes based 55% on visual signals, 38% on auditory signals, and 11% only on words.


  • At October 02, 2006 , Anonymous M1 said...

    j'ai découvert ce blog ce matin, franchement bravo pour les textes et les images, il y avait déjà le easy-listening, voici l'ère du esay-blogging! sweet!

  • At October 03, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    m1,,, merci beaucoup! c'est si doux de vous...

  • At October 03, 2006 , Anonymous M1 said...

    thx! :) dites, les photos et les photos compo sont de vous? la photo des baskets adidas est collector ;)
    bonne soirée! je donnerais ce lien dans les blogs où je passe régulièrement! et je continue biensur a te lire :)

  • At October 03, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    m1... vous êtes l'accueil n'importe quel temps :)

  • At October 03, 2006 , Anonymous M1 said...

    oops, sorry, i took the practice to comment in french, but let me know if english arranges you better! thx again for the freshness of your posts! why don't you try political posts with the same style? you risk to put everyone in agreement...


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