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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thinking of a place to spend your vacation?

It shoud be Munich... I just loved it! It's a magical city, where you can see both, the old and the new... the cultrue is there with beautiful old buildings and long towers and the new is still there with the all the shops... you'd end up enjoying both your shopping and all the great huge old interesting buildings...

It's nothing like i've ever seen before and you definitely can't compare it with Frankfurt.

It's one of the cities i've enjoyed the most, it has a different taste and unique style of its own.

This trip got me closer to where i want to be- discovering myself...
taking decisions and not waiting for others to do them for me.

I enjoyed everything about it.. especially the part that has to do with meeting my great close friends - Yuki and Cristina- Happy Birthday Cristina- wishing you the best, I had a great time.. hope we'll meet again... sometime.

The only annoying thing was that we didn't have enough time for shopping ... it was only few hours and there were so many nice winter (cheap ) clothes .. yes, imagine cheap! But i didn't have time.. im so impressed with the things i got with such a little time...

I've learnt that in China you can say the same word but with different meanings.. depending on the tone!!!

The tone plays a big part in the meaning... and I also came back with many chinese ringtones!

Thank you Yuki- I hope you were able to catch your flight back home and didn't have to wait another night in Frankfurt.

The joke of this trip was when we were
given our boarding passes, everyone was on board and i took my seat, i even turned off my mobile, stretched my legs, and had the pillow behind my head planning to sleep, when we heared the captain saying ' Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are heading to Amman you need to leave this flight immediately, as the one who were in charge to show you the way made a mistake and instead of taking you to the bus that will take you to your flight, you are on a flight that is leaving to ATHENS!!!' . That was hilarious, they offloaded the flight, and if it wasn't for a guy who suspected that there's something wrong with his seating because he requested a bulk head seat and was given a normal one, no one would have known what happened and we'd be in Athens right now! Too bad!
But that was not so bad after all as I had an arab gentleman (who said arabs are not) carrying my carry on bag the whole way :)

All in all, that was a great trip, i'd definitely love to go to Munich again.

I'll leave you now with the pictures... CHECK them OUT! all of them.. it's worth it...

pictures taken by and life goes on...®


  • At October 22, 2006 , Blogger ABOUD said...

    Ya Munchen is absolutely one the best cities that you can go to.

    The Rathoues building is sooooo nice, and that was a nice picture.

    Bus it looks that Lufthansa sucks :)

  • At October 22, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    aboud.. oh don't say that! hala' baz3al.... lufthansa is the best airline everrrrr :P and i mean it kaman! you from all people should not say this.. not after all the facilities you got when you flew to England :P

  • At October 23, 2006 , Blogger ABOUD said...

    loool, well ya3ni bedoonek ya dima ma bteswa ;)

  • At October 23, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    hahaha... ishte'nalak walla!!!


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