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Friday, November 17, 2006

Being a MultiTasker

There's not a single day that passes when i don't feel im doing a thousand things at exactly the same time! I would have one ear on the phone, the other one with one of the passengers sitting next to me asking questions etc, eyes would be concentrating on the screen, the mobile ringing... a message that says 'CALL ME', and a cheque to be paid, an invoice to be prepared, a free ticket to be authorized, a list to be checked and cleaned, e-mails to be read and replied to, updates to be made, groups to be booked, waitlists to be confirmed, all at the same time. With a thousand thoughts on my mind!
And I don't deny that I like to work under pressure! Can't work but under pressure.. If i have one thing at a time, i would just feel im too free and consider it a waste of time. And would start to look for extra things to do,,, (maybe to read a blog or two)!

This all happens at a time when some really annoying people try to act as if they are important... as if they are the only ones there!
The other day I had one telling me to open the box of M&M applications and to get all the applications out for him so that he can chose nice numbers ... what use would a nice number do to him? And as I explained to him that it's temporary and will be changed to the permanent one, and that it's not really like chosing a nice mobile number, he said 'are you sure? 100% sure? because if you're not, then i have no problem at all to make you repeat the whole thing for me'.
At this exact moment I had just one idea crossing my mind, as i was trying so hard to stay calm and act as if everything is under control, I thought - oh, now i can see a great idea behind participating in the 'Dubai's anger management workshop'!

To Start the morning with phone calls and people screaming is not a really nice thing! Because of the FOG -which we have absolutely no control over- the flight didn't take off, and was postponed. And guess what? It's not our fault!
A man comes to our office today, and he was so pissed off, extremely angry.. and my colleague who's responsible for the baggage claims was late.. and I had no idea what to do, as i keep telling them i'll do anything as long as I don't get involved in this issue... why? it's quite simple- maybe because I still didn't figure out or come up with a nice way to say 'sorry, but your bag is lost'!

And then he started with his story which turned out to be short but quite interesting, he had a baggage claim since monday and thought we'd deliver his bag without contacting us, and he's here for his wedding and would be staying for only 8 days... 3 days already passed without him getting his bag and the suit he's going to wear for his wedding is in that lost bag! With everything that happened during the day, I just started to laugh ... and whenever he tried to talk again or to explain more, this just made things worse and It made me laugh harder! Weird ha? what a reaction...!

It's a thursday night, and I have no energy left to do anything.. I just feel like staying home and sleep early ... it's a thursday night... so what?!!!? who cares!


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