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Monday, November 27, 2006

Pets on Board

I got this call today and it cracked me up!
Pets are important, cats are important.. I understand all this! But having them doesn't mean you being weird!!! Too weird and annoying!

+ I want to fly (to the states) and have my cat with me in cabbin. Where would it be? Sitting on my lap?!
- No, it would be on the floor.
+ Aha, can you be more specific please.. the location really matters to me!!!?
- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ I want to buy my pet a ticket to the states- last destination is HONOLULU, how much would the pet's ticket cost?
- A pet gets a reservation booked and confirmed with you but there's no such a thing that's called (a pet ticket)!
+ Ok, so Can you tell me the kind of crate I can take with me... wood, cartoon, metal??
- Oh, we can request one (LH crate) for you, but you need to tell me earlier cause it takes time for it to be delivered.
+ But what kind of crate?
- Solid Cartoon.
+ Oh no! This doesn't help because my cat is so nervous she'd leave it and start running everywhere! Poor my cat, she'd be eating and peeing in the same crate... right?!!!
- !!!!!!
+ Ok, so tell me what should I get from the vet?
- well you need a vaccination certificate.
+ Can you tell me the names of the diseases?
- !!!! The vet would definitely know!
+ Oh how weird, it seems you're a new staff.
- not so new, NO!!!!!!!
(Was she serious when she asked me to name the diseases!!!!)


  • At November 27, 2006 , Anonymous MQabbani said...

    hmm ,
    nice chat..lool
    and yes there's name's for the diseases like scabies o somehting like that , but no body care about it , it's just a vaccination certificate say NOT infected , to me in such Chat i end it fast lool


  • At November 27, 2006 , Anonymous Hani said...

    I've always thought that pets are send in a cage with the luggage! I mean some people are allergic to certain animals, would they keep sneezing all along the trip because someone couldn’t but to fly with her/his pet?!

  • At November 27, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    mqabbani.. well maybe because i've never had a any pets, I can't really relate to what she's saying! lol

    hani... it's either with cargo or in cabbin, you can keep it in cabin if it's <= 5 KG (with the crate)! And they all prefer to keep it in cabbin.. you know they'd be saying 'poor my cat, poor my dog kinda thing...'

  • At December 05, 2006 , Anonymous Stranger in Amman said...

    Just a hint, suggest that you always just give them the following POC for shipping or traveling with pets, so they can get pre trip information
    They can contact Cherie
    Cherie Derouin
    IPATA Administrative Coordinator
    745 Winding Trail, Sec 2 Lot 364
    Holly Lake Ranch, TX 75765 USA
    Tel: +1 903-769-2267 / Direct Line: +1 903-769-2847
    Fax: +1 903-769-2867
    Reply to: or

    Hope this solves your headaches

  • At December 05, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Stranger in Amman ... ummm many thanks!!! I wonder from where you get all this information?? travelling a lot.. it seems :)

  • At December 05, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Just a stranger :) ... sounds interesting !!! yeah i figured it out ;)

  • At December 17, 2006 , Anonymous Stranger in Amman said...

    Hi there,
    Thought you might find this one helpful as well

    Hand carrying into the cabin is decided by each airline, usually not allowed on international flights, though some internal flights allow it. Depends on the specific airline. Not recommended.
    Even if allowed, there will be restrictions. EG small enough to go under he seat. Must not be opened / released [even to take a peek].
    Your problem is that your adjacent passenger may be allergic to animals, fur, yapping and crapping.
    You speak of layover. Where? I do suggest you choose a route where a reliable handler or IPATA member is available to receive, handle, exercise, hold if delayed, on-forward etc. [IPATA members – please respond if you can assist with this movement].
    Freeze the water in a plastic bowl. This will prevent spilling and allow drinking over a longer period.
    ALL airlines should follow IATA Live Animal Regs [LAR] even if they are not IATA members. This is the international standard. This is why you must get a copy, if only for the correct container requirements, but there is much else in it that you must know by heart.
    AVI [Live animals] will attract a premium freight charge [usually 150%, but depends on the airline] and only the AVI may appear on one AWB, nothing else.
    Check inspection procedures / security required by the airport and the airline prior to acceptance.
    Secure the cage door with cable ties after final inspections /acceptance.
    Be sure the container has correct labelling – This Way Up, Live Animals, Cnee address, with 4-hour contact telephone number, feeding instructions [even if these state DO NOT FEED]
    Copy papers attached to container.
    Original papers with AWB in the Ship’s papers
    You cannot over-communicate – advise all contact points and cnee of all actions, movements, bookings, flight nos, AWB, eta etc.
    You say you have all the health papers. Beware. Treat every movement as though it were your first however many times you have been doing it. By this I mean that regulations can change at any time. Be sure therefore to check every time for any updates, changes etc. Beware also that any animal leaving the EU [or other approved rabies free country] may need the correct PETS vaccinations, tick and tapeworm etc, in case it may return / move into the EU sometime later during its life.

    Final checklist:

    Correct container, labeling, water, feeding instructions, feed if necessary [but beware restrictions e.g. no fresh meat], cnee address, Flight No, ETA, 24-hour contact number, absorbent bedding, frozen water, cable ties, AWB, packing list, Invoice, Shippers Certificate x2 [see IATA LAR], notification to transit stop[s], notify owner and cnee agency.

    Info : AATA correspondence to:
    AATA, 111 East Loop North,
    Houston TX 77029 USA
    Tel: +1 713 532 2177
    Fax: +1 713 532 2156


  • At December 17, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Stranger in Amman... WOoooOOOW... lots of interesting information i guess.. many many thanks!!!


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