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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I heard of choco addiction, of mansaf addiction, of bateekh addiction ... but I have a totally different type of addiciton! Im addicted to SLUSH... yes S- L- U- S-H! so no matter where I am or what I do most of my days should end with one... if im in a formal outing i just end up picking up one, a casual one i'd be in one of the places where they have it!

And lately i've been mixing two flavors together.. so strawberry alone would be fine but when im in a light mood otherwise then it's mixed either with lemon or mango, but i prefer the lemon! and it has to be from both sides with strawberry in the middle.

I remember while in Dubai, I felt i need to get a slush RIGHT NOW, and the 'right now' meant for my cousin and her husband to look everywhere... I still can't believe it's hard to find it there! And if they do, then it's BLUE. The only flavor they have is BLUE! We have it in all colors but blue!

Winter or Summer.. my favorite drink and my weakness point is SLUSH! I think at some point i'll have to get myself one of those machines.. it would be easier i guess!

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