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Friday, January 26, 2007

Getting over my FEAR

It's a common one I guess! The same old fear! I still can't .. and I repeat CAN'T, and don't think will ever be able to get this fear that keeps haunting me...

Oh God, still 4 more days to go and I just can't stop thinking of my coming Monday dentist appointment!


Well it's quite simple, every time I go to the dentist for a normal check-up, (and I expect by normal: easy- quick- simple), I keep hearing the question I hate the most 'what were you doing with your teeth since the last time you were here?!!'.

I'd start blushing -of course-, and then after a pause, I'd say 'Oh, but I believe this time it's better than the last time, don't you think so?'. -with a smile.
This would be answered by a look that says it all- the unspoken word 'NONO'.

So far, four normal teeth and two wisdom teeth were all pulled out. And I seriously feel I don't think i'll be able to lose more, so I better take care of the ones which are left!

I just have no clue why is it that everytime I go for this 'quick' check-up, not only I stay for a minimum of 3 hours but I would be forced to do another follow up or two other appointments in the same week.

I have a feeling that this Monday won't be any different! No wonder why I dread going to the dentist and keep postponing the whole thing till it just gets out of control.

Dentists can be a real nightmare. Can't I just be put to sleep for my dentistry?


  • At January 26, 2007 , Blogger Averroes said...

    While I'm reading this..I'm digging into a nutella jar..but enough about me..

    One can never argue with healthcare related they're supposed to bring long term comfort, but sometimes..un-necessary procedures are made to make a bit more money..unless you know you have a's always good to get a second opinion.

  • At January 26, 2007 , Anonymous Kaylen said...

    You're not alone in that fear!!!! I am supposed to have corrective jaw surgery-AFTER I get braces...I can't bring myself to go back to them!

    I don't know about where you are, but here in the states, we can get some nice nitrous gas for most things that need done beyond a general cleaning. It's the only thing that makes it tolerable.

  • At January 26, 2007 , Blogger manal yusuf said...

    ekh u remined me to make a dental appointment i really dont want to go :S

  • At January 26, 2007 , Anonymous an oriental blog said...

    $ months ago the dentist told me i need an operation to remove my fourrr wisdon teeth, since then i've been hiding... God why did I have to be so wise! :P

  • At January 27, 2007 , Blogger nido said...

    I don't think anyone has "no fear" visitng the dentist!! even for a check up! and when you ask for the anesthetic injection, the needle's length freaks you out:( good luck dima:)

  • At January 27, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Averroes... while i was writing this I was eating chocolate chip cookies!

    Oh and believe me I know I have a problem :$

    Kaylen... The given injections (as pain killers) are all I remember and this- although given to help, it takes me one look only at the needle's length to freak out!

    Good luck with your corrective jaw surgery!

    manal yusuf.. it makes things worse when you postone it.

    an oriental blog.. LOL try to take them all at the same time, this is the only way to do it! I did two with only one week in between and it was hell :S Good luck!

    nido... thanks Nido, please don't remind me! The needles are another story... waaaa3

  • At January 27, 2007 , Blogger Averroes said...

    And now we know the reason!

  • At January 27, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Averroes :$ Oh yeah and this is why I said I KNOW I have a problem! :$

  • At January 29, 2007 , Blogger Tamara said...

    I cannot believe I did not read this post before !! I'm going through this faze at the moment, I went to solve the problem of one tooth, needless to say I have been going back and forth to the dentists office for a month now !! And I thought I needed to fix one tooth and get my normal cleaning !!

    if it helps go to a cute single dentist, I know it gets me motivated ; p

  • At January 29, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Tamara... hahaha oh yeah, I admit that would be a good motivation.

    Im in this really bad mood, I went today and made only one tooth because there was no time, the needle was too long and too painful. I still need to go again to do 3 or four, im not sure as I stopped counting. The nice thing is that I bought two new brushes and a floss on the way back.. as if this would help :D


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