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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Difficulties in dealing with Women

Recently, Im finding it really hard to deal with women! YES.. WOMEN!
I always thought having to deal with men who occupy high positions is easier.. the smarter a woman is and the more professional - the hardest to deal with she becomes and the more she complicates everything. I have no clue why!!!

I've been totally avoiding to organize or plan my wedding with women! Even for the flowers Im going for a male florist, they just tend to be more cooperative not only that but they have more patience, they listen carefully to you and then after you get over with all the blah blah talk, and take all the time to do the whole blah blah with all the little details included (as I have a perfectionist mom who pays extra attention to the smallest details including the fact that there should be flowers on the ribbon that holds the back of the chairs.. not the ribbon only -but the flowers on that ribbon too, )!
After getting done with all your requests and done with the special requests too.. the florist gives you an advice- if there is any- and then he'd just stick to exactly what you want without forcing you or isisting that you do a particular idea or thought..

Then there's the DJ, Im glad to say that the guy im dealing with gives me every reason to look forward to the whole event.. he'll be responsible for the lighting too.. he has so many brilliant ideas and he knows 'what's good for what' kinda thing.. luckily I don't have to worry about this part!

Many people say that the DJ and the photographer are the most important people in the whole occasion,, the DJ because he'll be creating the mood for everyone to jump and dance (though with the kind of friends I have even a bad DJ would be more than enough and won't stop them) and then there is the photographer... to treasure the memory and capture the precious moments.

I find it very hard to deal with women because with all that I need to do, women who are involved in those kinda thing tend to be extremly bossy and have very strong personalities that makes me want to go away and never come back... although I am a real feminist yet i believe in some situations women can be so hard to deal with and must be avoided! I can't tolerate the way some women act .. and at this time this is the very last thing I need to handle.


  • At March 24, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    wow so happpy for u....getting married....thats great,,,,hope u all the best,,, whos the lucky lucky man???...whens the big day?or is it july 25? ;)
    but really its ok...i feel the same way towards woman as u do...sometimes they r sooo wierd...they get on ur nerves on purpose...they just love to irritate u sooo much...
    so we just have to live with it....

  • At March 24, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    you're weird too... as you missed the whole point behind my post and talked about something that has nothing to do with what i wrote!

    You keep on insisting to stay the SAME annoying Anonymous. My wedding day is not of your business!

  • At March 24, 2007 , Blogger Noura said...

    May be in some cases, yes, you probably are right..In my opinion,women have found their place in the working world, and are competing with the males for higher positions but still some women feel that they have to work harder to prove themselves,and to prove that they deserve the high status they got..It is like always being tested..So, they become pretty agressive and sometimes difficult to deal with..and louder so they can be heard..

    But regardless who help you with your plans, am sure you will have a wonderful wedding :)

  • At March 24, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Noura... you're absolutely right! This is the case I guess.. they can be more professional and even more creative, but at the same time so agressive that you'd just prefer to stay away and give up on all the positiveness just because dealing with them would make you lose all your energy and enthusiasm.

  • At March 25, 2007 , Blogger Tiger said...

    as a male I dont want to comment so that I wont be tagged as anti feminist or something:)

    regarding ur wedding wish u all the best.

  • At March 25, 2007 , Blogger nido said...

    Then I think "for you" looking for a wedding dress will be the hardest part!! cuz they are all females out there in the stores! take it easy girl...there are always nice people out there to help you choose the perfect thing for you:) best wishes Dima:)

  • At March 25, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Tiger.. thank you :) We 'women' can talk about women, but I don't like it when men do :P :$ haha

    nido... yeee nidooooo! That was the EASIEST and the sweetest part of all... wrong gusess :P

  • At March 25, 2007 , Blogger Oriental Arabesque said...

    yes...i agree with you (some of them are annoying)

    best of luck in all the planning must stressing but i'm sure it's enjoyable too :)

  • At March 25, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Oriental Arabesque... a little bit stressing :$ there are so many things I didn't know they exist!!! I thought it's the hotel and flowers and DJ and that's it.. didn't know it's not as easy!!! :$

  • At March 25, 2007 , Blogger Rula said...

    I think that we struggled enought to be where we are right now, but some of us just don't get it, we are here because who we really are and what we are doing, being aggressive is not the right way to prove we deserve it!!!

    Women, 3an jad, for god sake, if you are good at something, just show it in a nice way, people will even respect you more.

    Thanks for mentioning it dima :-)

  • At March 25, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Rula.. I am a feminist.. and I do believe that women can be smarter and more creative and they always come up with things that no one can think of.. original ideas, nice thoughts, but seriously some of them just make me find it much easier to deal with men.. at least men can be more understanding and less agressive in these issues :D


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