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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You asked for it,,, TAKE IT- a SLAP in the face

Subject: [Simply ME...] New comment on Difficulties in dealing with Women.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " Difficulties in dealing with Women":

Life goes on…

Interesting post, allow me to comment…. I don't want to shock you or break you down, but it's for your own sake believe me, get real …face your destiny… wake up, not every one will have his wishes and dreams, through my analysis to your posts I can tell you that you still and will live in your futility, I am not saying that you don't have a self confidence actually you do have ,but sorry to inform you it's based on unstable imaginations and every instable thing sooner or later will collapse , you are posting every day a new (wording) posts but bottom line of all your posts is hiding you real personality (The Uncertain Personality)….

Life goes on… get therapy as soon as possible, time is running out, I hope soon I can add to my list of those people I helped to get a life…..As always think well and don't take my advice aggressively and if you do ,I don't blame you every one in your status will, but if you start your rehabilitation soon enough you will be grateful to me.

Sincerely Yours


This is what happens to men who struggle on a daily base with their perverted minds -with the girls around them and all those girls not giving them the light of day. So, with their frustration and misery of not having what they desire the most, and satisfying their appetite they simply resort to being malicious scum of low-life, where the sewers and drains that carry waste are still higher than them. Their level of thinking and ideology of themselves believe they exist in the elitist category of mankind therefore offering advise to others that they can never attain or be with.

2 cents of advise to this low-life scum, get a mirror and have a deep deep look at yourself, then go have a talk to your mother if she can get you married to a strong woman to sort your head out. Alternatively as opposed to throwing the pressure of your handicapped mind onto others, perhaps Psychotherapy could be the answer. If-7ais is the one and only answer for you, and for your kind.

All the best in future endeavors at developing a social brain,

Ps:- Please do consider flushing yourself down the toilet, as that is closer to where you belong than infront of a computer screen surfing the web, and leaving comments reflecting your sad image and nature as a sordid pathetic low life.

[interesting post response - curtsy of your husband to this shit]

- I have nothing more to add.


  • At March 27, 2007 , Anonymous Qwaider قويدر said...

    LOL!!! That is a classic! :) I love it!
    The guys did sound like a car salesman for a shrink

    Go get 'em Tiger

  • At March 27, 2007 , Blogger Life said...


  • At March 28, 2007 , Blogger Noura said...

    Just ignore negative comments...You can't please all the people and remember what المتنبي said. I hope I still remember it right:
    اذا اتتك مذمتي من ناقص ...فهي الشهادة لي باني كامل.

    SMILE :)

  • At March 28, 2007 , Blogger nido said...

    WOW!! what a great team you and your husband!!! Go dima Go Nimer!! hehehehe...that was hillarious:) I loved it:) He, whoever he is, deserves it!! Just don't worry and be happy:D xoxox

  • At March 28, 2007 , Blogger Maijaury said...

    3anjad RAW3A!
    Guys how did you know it's a guy! I feel its a jelous female, girls tend to get jelous from Dima and they can be that mean!

  • At March 28, 2007 , Blogger Tiger said...

    first time to see volcanos around in blog spot and hey annonymous comentators watch out LIFE GOES ON is out there for u we have a SWAT Team here :)

    well I consider noura comment is the best forget it ...

    becoz ur reply means that u thought about his comments for maybe 10 mins and belive me this is what only he wants...I am not sure he is a he but to tell u the truth he got what he wanted which is to make u think about his comments...

    sorry guys but some of us need therapy becoz of kinky fantasies some of us have,,

    from the male community I represent I appologize for that in case he is a male:)

  • At March 28, 2007 , Anonymous Maioush said...

    كل إناء بما فيه ينضح
    so seebeeki Dima.. tanshi 7abeebti, they're not even worth it .. :)

  • At March 28, 2007 , Anonymous Hala said...

    what is his problem? :| He better get a life rather than giving unnecessary advice -If I can call it that- to random people!

  • At March 28, 2007 , Blogger Oriental Arabesque said...

    in such cases "ignoring" is always the best policy....fee nas 2elet el radd 3alehoun betkoun radd..

    و على رأي الشاعر

    أتعب من ناداك من لا تجيبه
    و أغيظ من عاداك من لم تجادل


  • At March 29, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    thank you all for your comments.

  • At March 29, 2007 , Anonymous redrose said...

    I like wordy posts ,they need alway a shiny soul to keep them.. otherwise if he/she (i am not sure if he is male actually) keep reading gray posts and get upset as much as you like!

  • At March 30, 2007 , Blogger Sam said...

    wow that anon doesnt know what hit him/her


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