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Monday, April 09, 2007

it's easy,,, it's fun

People start learning to cook rice, chicken, meat etc,,, but since I can't live without desserts , I learned to do my one and only very favorite 'Apple Crumble And Vanilla Ice Cream'.

I remember one time I did it with 'T' and since I'm very fast at everything I do, I ended up putting 3 cups of brown sugar instead of only 1.5 ! It wasn't that bad, but we had the brown sugar sticking and floating everywhere.. at that time I was wondering why does it look too brown!

Today, I tried to slow down a little bit though it was hard since I made two, one for sisters and the other one for friends..(this was the only way for me to make sure they won't start eating from my friend's when I go to work tomorrow morning)
I had to go 3 times to the supermarket though! Each time I get something, then go back home only to discover that there's something else missing. And when I thought I was finally done, I discovered that the brown sugar I have is not enough, so I ended up going to 4 different places to look for it.. how can it not be available, brown sugar has the sweetest taste and without it desserts would not be as good. I have an issue with brown sugar, when the recipe says 1 cup I put 2 ... just in case!

Here is the link, check it out.. it's easy, it's fun and it can be done in 15 minutes -if you have the apples ready and peeled! -that's the only thing that takes time..
let me know if you like... if you don't, then no need to say and share! :)

It doesn't look too good from the outside, but it is DELICIOUS!


  • At April 09, 2007 , Blogger Summer said...

    If the recipe calls for brown sugar and i do not have enough of it, i use white sugar and mix it with the brown. with apple desert, most of the time you use spices so the color would be ok and the taste of the little brown sugar will still give you that special falvor.
    one suggestion, write down your recipe, write down the stuff you need to get from the market, get it ALL at once, then start making your dessert. i hope it works out for the best next time, not that this time it was not great! but three trips to the super market??? too much time wasting!

  • At April 09, 2007 , Anonymous Maioush said...

    ma azkaaaaaaaaaakiiiiiiiiiiiiii Dima...
    I love dessert, I have to admit, I suck in cooking but I’m really good when it comes to desserts :)
    I’ll try to do it since my brother’s birthday will be tomorrow.. thaaaaaaaank you mwah :*

  • At April 09, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Summer... Oh thanks a lot for the tips! :) they will definitely help with all the next times.. mixing it might work, I agree! But im a BIG brown sugar lover :$ You should've seen how crazy my first time was, I did it with T, we were supposed to be cooking together but he spent the whole day coming and going from supermarket! LOOL

    Maioush.. WE ROCK! you don't need to be good in cooking, if you're good in desserts then no one would care for anything else ;)
    YES, try to do it, it's worth it.. Nido did the same recipe a week or so ago, you can also ask her :D

  • At April 09, 2007 , Anonymous Hala said...

    Yummy I love desserts :)

    I am like you, I do not mind trying all kinds of desserts' recipes and I do well :P

    LOL @ going 3 times, wasting gas :D

  • At April 09, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Hala.. LOL the thing is, it's the second time for me in the kitchen, so whenever I ask the maid if we have this or that.. she keeps saying YES, only to realise that it's either we don't have or it's not enough :S but anyway, it turned out to be delicious// the kind of dessert you'd close your eyes while eating so as to enjoy! :D

  • At April 10, 2007 , Blogger nido said...

    I love everything that comes with Apples...and this is one of my fav.! Easy to do and to eat:p You should try my new created recipe "Apple cream pie"...& you'll love it!!

  • At April 10, 2007 , Blogger Drama Div@ said...

    u have such a sweet tooth

  • At April 10, 2007 , Blogger PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

    3 times ya muftariyeh loool 3al tarkeez :D sounds gr8, i love apples and anything made out of em, even when cooked with food num num

    i love cooking with friends and/or loved ones its so much fun, and shud be followed by a food fight at some point! lol

  • At April 10, 2007 , Blogger Oriental Arabesque said...

    i adore anything with apples and cinnamon :D those desserts are my favorite..

    i'll try it soon...sounds so yummy :)

  • At April 10, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    nido.. you should give me the recipe :P :$ i'll be very busy but who knows maybe one day haik haf 3a baly a3mel ishy saree3 LOL

    Drama Div@.. LOL :P

    PŕōuđPāŀĩ.. ohhh smart idea :D how creative!!!!! hahaha

  • At April 10, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Oriental Arabesque.. yeah im used to having at least one apple every morning :$ sometimes another one at night! im addicted to GREEN apples.. it's very simple, and easy to do :D im always with easy quick things to do :$

  • At April 12, 2007 , Blogger Sam said...

    sounds yummy, i will try it one day.....I have never tried to make sweets, because I am so faj3ani sometimes and will end up eating the whole thing...:(

  • At April 12, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Sam .. LOL it's ok.. I came up with a rule the other day, I was eating A LOT from the apple crumble, so mom was like c'mmon you need to stop, so I said since I made it I can eat the whole thing ;) LOOOL


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