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Saturday, April 28, 2007

...NOT even life itself

A friend told me.. 'One thing is certain about life,,, it's that life is uncertain'

As we grow up, we start to build dreams. Some might see themselves in a policeman uniform (and this happens mostly with all the boys at a certain age), ,,, others would tend to build the 'want to be like dad or mom' image..
As we get older, we start to realise that there is much more to what we want, need, and what we wish for. There's reality, which we have to accept and respect.

Im not against planning, because it helps in making us draw some lines,,, create a path... so as not to get mixed up and get stuck in the middle.

But Im against the blind planning, when we have only one plan.
And no matter what happens things should go by what's planned or else we get lost,, trapped! Sometimes things get blurry.. the vision would not be so clear, and a 'one path' would definitely be of no help.

This is one thing I will always remember, and keep in mind! You can't take anything or anyone for granted. Nothing is certain, not even life itself.
Shocking yet true.. if you can be certain, then you would sit back and won't even bother with anything.
If you can be certain, then how to be motivated?!
If you can be certain, then why to work towards your goals.
If you can be certain, then why to pray,,, ask for... why to hope!
What's life ... if it's certain!!?!