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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The way THEY deal with it

I will give you a summary of how some- what's supposed to be called 'respectable international organisations' or if I want to clarify and be more specified local unqualified managers working in such organisations deal with a loyal employee if he is to leave because of personal uncontrollable circumstances.

They would handle it MEANLY! This is the best way to describe it.

I wonder in what law is it mentioned that an employee should write his resignation 3 months before the real resigning?!!! How bad would this affect him emotionally!

And how on earth is it possible to employ a person before one leaves to fill his position and take responsibility of his duties when he's still there!!!??
How is it possible to have someone physically sharing your desk, computer and phone for 3 whole months?!!

And how can they allow themselves to be as low as one can possibly imagine to honor a workaholic empolyee after 3 whole years of blind loyalty and hard work before leaving in such a lousy way!? This is the memory that he will be taking with him.. a sickening memory!

Is it my fault that I've been clear and honest, or 'stupid' as I see it now to tell them the whole story and inform them with everything so that they will be able to have enough time to train someone instead of having a huge gap after I leave!!!?

I regret it terribly.. they should be awarded with 'a one month notice' ONLY, this is what they will be getting from me!! a one month notice, nothing more... ! not even a day earlier...! This is what they deserve.. If they think they're smart enough knowing the law.. then Im smarter to teach them what the real law says,,, starting from the basics.. the employee's rights and obligations,,, they seem to understand quite well what's the obligations but have no clue about or pretend to be lacking knowledge when it comes to the rights!

Im just so furious ! Being unappreciated is the worst feeling in the world.. and I've been feeling this way for two days now.. BUT it's ok, Im enjoying the game,,, though watch out.. I can be as agressive as hell when fighting for my rights!!!


  • At April 05, 2007 , Blogger Who's-sane! said...

    It must suck really bad to work your @SS off for someone that long and then get a punch in the face in return! Well good luck with that!

  • At April 05, 2007 , Blogger Drama Div@ said...

    u go girl... i'll be right behind you!! ::P

  • At April 05, 2007 , Blogger Tamara said...

    Well it sucks! but you know what, if you have vacation time, you can deduct that from the month of notice!

    If I was you though, I would try and talk to them and try and awaken their conscience, you will be doing the person that takes your place a favor, by talking some sense into the manager

  • At April 05, 2007 , Blogger PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

    arghhhh i know the feeling!!! hada w enti bi amman, ya3ni la labor laws wala iqameh walla ballou6! if its written bil contract mushkeleh, bas u can always do what i did, lol bi kul waqa7a i only gave them 2 weeks badal one month, (ma3 inno in dubai il labor laws are shway strict especially ma3 il iqameh) w 2oltellhum batnazal 3an il pay taba3 il 2 weeks il ba2yeen w khalasna

    thing is ppl dont realize inno il dinya dawara w u never know when u will be working with them again in some company w u never know inno mumken inti tkuni in a decision making position instead!

    try to stay calm ( i know thats tuff ) bas 3ashan to think clearly nothing more, rash decisions/actions/words may worsen the case :) Bless!

  • At April 06, 2007 , Blogger Sam said...

    wow that does suck!! and three months, i would never give more than 2-3wks would be too awkward...i hope these three months go super fast summer time,and you have a wedding to get ready for...just take as many days off as you can!:)

  • At April 06, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Who's-sane!.. yeah, it does! and it's the last thing I expected!

    Drama Div@.. :)

    Tamara.. I can take up to 9 days off only! :S it sucks, but hopefully it'll pass fast!

    PŕōuđPāŀĩ.. it's too late now :D I already had an extremely nice friendly talk.. he hates my guts now, but who cares.. I HATE HIM TOO! They didn't apperciate my honesty so I won't give them more than a one month notice.. or maybe two weeks notice ;)

    Sam .. thank you !! This is what drove me crazy, it is super mean from them .. to ask for my resignation letter three months in advance!! WOW that is something! and he asks me to consider the human feelings of the new employee.. what about my HUMAN FEELINGS, my RIGHTS!!!

  • At April 07, 2007 , Blogger Noura said...

    That's bad, I have never heard of things done like that, you give them 4 or 6 weeks notice and that is it..but taking into consideration the feeling of the new employee with no regards to the old one that is terrible..Try to stay calm and do whatever u need to do quitly, and don't burn your bridges with them just in case sometime in the future you decide to go back to work..

    You know I use to work for an airline in Beirut,I loved it..Although dealing with people sometimes can be hard bit all in all it was great..

  • At April 07, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Noura,, dealing with people can be so hard, that's why Im planning to change my career :) and so excited about it!
    You know they made me reach a point where I don't care if the bridges are burnt! I will do what I have to do as an employee .. the way I've always been,, do what's given to me perfectly! Not because they deserve it, but because I can't be but like this.. and I would never want to hear the words she's not working because she's leaving.. A one month notice- this is what they deserve!

  • At April 07, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This is called notice period and it is one month only not three months.


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