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Thursday, May 03, 2007

On being RUDE

Rudeness is not a negative thing.. or at least, this is how I see it! Sometimes it's the only way to pull yourself out of an awkward situation, or to stop people who ask for a slap in the face. Or to just stand up for youself and keep losers' mouths shut.

But there are different levels of rudeness.. people who reach the highest levels, will in no way be able to go back. It becomes more like something in their blood. It affects everything.. the way they talk, walk, sit, behave, communicate and even laugh...

The bigger their rudeness grows, the more they become smaller in the eyes of others.
They start big and keep getting smaller.. and then they become too small that not even the most advanced microscopes can make them look close to normal.

As they age, their rudeness becomes more unbearable.. and it gets even worse when they start to think they're funny, so they just go on and on with their unlimited vulgarity!
Im not against being rude.. but when it's needed.

Being continuously rude is what bothers me! .. makes the person loses all people's respect.. and he'd end up with nothing.. not even his own self respect!!!


  • At May 03, 2007 , Blogger Firas said...

    Rudeness (in any form) is a sign of weakness and insecurity

  • At May 03, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The way I see it, people who are rude are born with this type of personality, am not sure if one can learn to be like that..I know I tried once,I couldn't sleep all night out of guilt !!!
    There is no reason to be rude, any message can be delivered in a manner that doesn't hurt anybody's feelings..because as you said once that line is crossed, it becomes like an attitude..

  • At May 03, 2007 , Anonymous Maioush said...

    Some people REALLY deserve to be treated rudely, it really helps being rude sometimes… but to be rude period??? God no… I can’t stand those, I honestly don’t have any respect for them.. I would be even more rude than them if I have to… but eventually, I wouldn’t even bother dealing with them
    Yes3ed rabbek betfesshi el ‘3ol enti :D

  • At May 03, 2007 , Blogger PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

    im very pro-bluntness to be honest. id rather one comes up straight in the face to say something rather than keep it bottled up and accumilate rage or talk it out but with everyone else but me.

    but to be rude all the time, is, as u said, an act that ends up deminishing all respect one can hold and maintain for the rude person..

  • At May 03, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Firas.. not necessarily! I don't agree! If it's b ma7alo, then it's justified. Sometimes rudeness is needed, people ask for it, they cross all lines and won't be stopped if you don't start to show some of it.

    Noura.. Life can teach you to be rude at times.. and this I can totally understand :) but as you said to have it as an attitude- this, I consider a disaster!

  • At May 03, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Maioush.. LOL ah shayfeh! Ma it helps in calming me down at times when I feel like exploding~ ;) So I blogged this, and slept.. and now Im much calmer !! LOL

    PŕōuđPāŀĩ.. Im against keeping things bottled as I know the danger and harm this can cause. But to have rudeness as an attitude, is really vulgar! There are times when you need to have class and grace in order to deal with things.
    And I believe one can deal with almost anything, but losing self resepct is not one of them!!!

  • At May 03, 2007 , Blogger Drama Div@ said...

    i was rude to my mom last nite. and now im feeling guilty... but it is so ridicilous to buy two mosquito nets for the baby playpen...

  • At May 03, 2007 , Anonymous Abed Hamdan said...

    maintaining the balance between considerate and courage is not easy :S

  • At May 03, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Drama Div@.. at least with relatives and immediate family members, there's always a chance to say sorry! And there's always forgiveness .. but with strangers ,, there's nothing to do! I guess ,.. :S

  • At May 03, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Abed Hamdan.. ummm, you'd end giving up on one of them ! Yup .. not easy.

  • At May 04, 2007 , Anonymous Diana said...

    I totally agree with you.

  • At May 04, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Diana .. :D

  • At May 04, 2007 , Anonymous redrose said...

    It does not matter to be continuosly rude or ocassionally..rudeness is rudeness, and the most ugly when it comes from people you think they are smart and have a splendid the combination bet. both is disgusting seriously coz I see mind without manners or respect for others = 0 zero always.

  • At May 05, 2007 , Blogger Firas said...

    Here is how I see it, if someone else is rude I don't want be like them and act as their manners,this is so not me. I'm way better to insult another human being even if they are my arch-nemesis. There are hundreds of ways and approaches to draw lines and send the message. Again, in my perspective, loosing your nerves,raising your voice, or simply ignoring someone because you are being rude to is a sign of weakness.

    Being firm with someone does not mean you have to be rude, I'll always be me, whither I'm dealing with someone I love or a jerk, I won't loose my manners.

  • At May 05, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    redrose.. rudeness is rudeness I agree, but still- there is justified rudeness ;)

    Firas.. I definitely don't stay still if im to be insulted by someone, I shoot back.. Im not the kind of person who accepts insults with a smiley face :)

  • At May 06, 2007 , Blogger Firas said...

    My point was not whither you "shoot back" or not. I didn't imply anything of this sort in my replies.

    I was talking about how you "shoot back". And I aint talking about smiling either.

    Confrontation is the key word here, you have to look them in the eye and tell them what they've done and why it should stop. I'm just against replying back using cheap words and making fun of how they look,talk or anything of this like that got "I'm insecure" sign written all over it. If I reply with rudeness I know better than them, then I have no right complaining about them being rude.

    I think we totally stand on different moral grounds, I don't believe in "white" or justified lies or rudeness, it's still the same with different excuses.
    Anyways, it's really a personal matter, though no one should accept and abuse or letting people act rude to them, being rude is just the easiest way to avoid a confrontation.

  • At May 06, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Firas.. being rude is not about using cheap low words! This is not the rude im talking about.. sometimes you'd be saying normal words but the way you say them would make a huge difference.
    And it's not also about making fun of the way they look, smile, talk etc (this is one thing I'd never ever accept or do, no matter how rude the person infront of me is)!

    If Im to reply to rudeness with rudeness, it doesn't mean I am rude. It means my rudeness is JUSTIFIED. (or at least this is the way I see it).

    who said anything about white lies? and what do they have to do with rudeness.. Lies or white lies are not an issue here! Lies don't even exist in my dictionary.

    If someone is rude to me, then I would be rude to him/her. PERIOD. this is my personal opinion!


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