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Monday, June 11, 2007

a touch of MAGIC

wouldn't it look NOT OK in the photos I'd do my own makeup! Im fed up with people who think they're 'experts' when they know nothing at all.
And Im tired of telling people how to do my own makeup.. and sick of them not listening !
I know my face more than you do, I know what looks best, what shades to chose, what looks good and what looks odd.. I know what colors to avoid and I know for a fact that I hate the 'too much GLITTER!'

Can't they do a makeup with little or no glitter!!! What's wrong with looking simple!!! Looking simple nowadays means all shades of colors mixed with all the glitter in the world!
What's shocking is that those makeup experts don't know that eyes come in different shapes... and that doing something that looks good on someone doesn't necessarily mean that this same thing would look good on me!

I don't want to look in the mirror and say who is this person!!! And this is exactly what's happening.. I just want to look myself.. makeup doesn't mean to walk around with a mask.. it doesn't mean a total change of features!

Makeup should bring out the natural features ..
It is to add a touch of magic, brightness, and freshness.. ! Why is 'the simple' too complicated!?


  • At June 11, 2007 , Blogger Tamara said...

    I totally know what you are talking about ! I see so called makeup "artists' do the same makeup on different types of faces, some end up looking great others look like clowns.

    for my " katib Ktab" one of my best friends did my makeup, and I will try to avoid someone else doing that as much as I can : ) good luck !

  • At June 11, 2007 , Blogger Ammar said...

    yeah..I always make sure to do my own make up :D I use Shmeinto though..nakhb awal, highly recommended for smooth Gsara!

  • At June 11, 2007 , Blogger Summer said...

    Go for it, do your own make up....for sure you will look more like YOU and not like a copy of everyone else! Good luck.

  • At June 11, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Tamara.. it's getting weird?!! no? I mean the last thing on my mind was me having problems with makeup!!! I did my own make up on the small engagement party we had.. but for the wedding i don't think it's possible.. would need strong colors for the photos and all.. you know :)

    Ammar .. hahaha! thank you for the precious advice.. you definitely helped alot! :P

    Summer.. exactly! they make everyone look the same.. i have no clue how they do that :S but i don't think it's possible for the wedding.. with the photos and all I just need a stronger one :$

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger Dar said...

    Elli be3'albek odrobeeeh ;)


  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger Diana said...

    I hated the makeup they did to me for my engagement party, it was tooo much, and as you said, I looked at the mirror and didn't recognize myself!
    My nephews ad nieces even made fun of it and kept asking: have anyone seen auntie? Where is she? :D

    People told me that the makeup that I did myself on the katb ktab night was better and I looked more beautiful. Some even suggested that I do my makeup for the wedding, imagine! lol.

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger Maher said...

    honestly..nowadays boys dont like girls with makeup :S

    y do girls put makeup aslan??

  • At June 12, 2007 , Anonymous Rebellious Arab Girl said...

    Because people are very complicated... and yes.. people don't want to listen at all!!!

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger nido said...

    Once they know you are a bride, they'll not hear yr opinion, or even lsn to you! They think they're the only ones who know what it means to make brides SHINE on their wedding nights!! I mean really shine with glitter:p
    Be carefull, some brides really glow on their nights in a very funny way;) Do like me and my two friends did if you want!...don't tell them you're a kora bi mal3abik! You choose the color/s and whether u want glitter or NOT at all;)

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger Sam said...

    yeh do your own makeup!! or find a none arab to do it for u! for my engagment party i had an arab do my makeup..OMG can we say clown?? i took off so much and still blah! for my wedding i went to regular place and my makeup was so natural and perfect..i looked like me sam..not sam the clown! :) go for your own makeup:)

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger Oriental Arabesque said...

    i know what you mean...i just hate too much make up too...or makeup that totally changes the features and makes you feel you're not yourself...

    for the wedding, i don't think you can do your own makeup by need an expert because they apply those sort of things that makes it last for long hours..mishan ydaynek bil shoub and under all the lights...they use this special spray kaman that keeps your make up and specially lipstick the way it was when you first apply add ma akalti or shrebti it won't look washed away!

    when i went to a wedding party like a month ago...i did my makeup bil saloon and it looked so cute and wasn't too much at all (aham shee 3andi ma ykoun mitel el mask or fee different bil color between my face and neck! yuuk)..this lebanese lady knew what she was doing...

    i think you should keep on trying to find a good artist before ur wedding...

    best of luck :))

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

    i so agree! i did my sister's makeup on her katb il ktab, and did my makeup and hair on her wedding. i cant stand ppl 5abbes-ing bi wejji and i cant stand glitter either!

    on my wedding nshala, whenever that happens, my insane vision is im gonna be bare! veru nude makeup w hair flowing loosely like a greek goddesse lol. i love simplicity in makeup, since i dont wear much i cant imagine myself being painted for the night!

    i think u shud be seeing a stylist who u're comfortable with. 3ashan ykun fi common vision and both will be happy with the work :) all the best bannouteh :hug:

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Dar.. ok :)_

    Diana ... haha.. it's funny the story with your nephews.. but I advice you not to do your own makeup for the wedding cause as
    Oriental Arabesque said you'll need a makeup that would last for hours and with all the lights.. :$

    Maher.. lol this is a nice question.. :$ ok, well I know what you mean.. i personally replace the makeup with a tan in the summers ;)

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Rebellious Arab Girl.. :) I look at my face everyday in the mirror, a guy who sees me once or twice would in no way know what suits me more than i do :$

    nido.. glowing from all the glitter.. EXACTLY! haha! a bride doesn't need the extra glow :$ LOL it happens naturally ;)no? :$ I liked your makeup.. dress, and your hair.. you were stunning nido!!!

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Sam ... I wish I can :$ I don't think it's possible with all the dancing and the lights and everything.. Yeah i know what you mean by looking like a clown! :S

    I just want to look me :$ not someone else... aaaaaaaaaaaaaakh.. this is really confusing!

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Oriental Arabesque ... yeah i don't think I can do that too :S though I wish i can!!! I really hate the MASK look kaman.. it's like your head wouldn't go with your neck and all.. and I just realised that the eye makeup is really important.. some makeup artists can make the eyes look so small.. :S

    The problem with me is that I've always put my makeup.. i never tried having anyone doing it for me, or actually I never needed one cause I just know what I want and I do it by myself.. now it's like im getting shocked from the results I get.. so disspointing :( the last thing on my mind was to face problems with this :S

    thank you dear..

    PŕōuđPāŀĩ ... hahaha.. inshalla soon! I like the hair flowing loosely, but the problem with all the dancing and 3aj'a it might get a little bit sticky :S and this is what I don't like.. but 'the two different looks before and after dinner' would be the best solution ;)

    And my problem is that I've never tried a stylist before.. so im experiencing all of this NOW :S

    thank you :$

  • At June 12, 2007 , Blogger Diana said...

    Of course I won't do it myself on the wedding:D
    aslan I'll be too nervous to do that.
    The problem is that I don't know good makeup artists in Jordan as I do here in Lebanon, and people suggest many names.. so, Allah yestor :D

  • At June 13, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Diana ... Yeah well I've tried the 'best' so far.. but not even one is close to what I want! So 3anjad allah yostor.. but now I think I know who to chose.. if you want, maybe later on after I see the way he will do my makeup for the wedding, I can give you the name if you're sitll confused :$ :)

  • At June 13, 2007 , Anonymous Maioush said...

    Go for it DaMdOoM… you know your face more than everybody else in this world, or do as Nido said, don’t even tell them that you are a bride, pick your own colors, and let them do EXACTLY what you ask them for.. good luck 7abeebti

  • At June 13, 2007 , Anonymous Diana said...

    I'll be thankful Dima :)

  • At June 13, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Maioush ...thank you sweets.. the tan will help kaman ;) :$

    Diana ... :) just remind me later on cause i might be busy and forget about it.. after the wedding I can give you my personal advices about everything.. all that I've learned since february - names of places, people... etc :) promise!

  • At June 14, 2007 , Blogger Rula said...

    You made me think about a web page for advices, where every one can put an advice to other people who are getting engaged or married.

    Well, I hate makeup and I hate smelling it as well, I don't know what am I going to do on my wedding!!!!!

    Good Luck Dema :)

  • At June 15, 2007 , Blogger Life said...

    I totally Agree.. I went ONCE.. in my whole life.. And I never and Will NEVR do it again...

    First.. I started wondering how many faces they used the brushes and the make up itself on.. And how would I know that I won't get a skin disease…
    Not to mention the fact that they use a huge amount of foundation that I still don’t know WHY!! Actually they use TOO MUCH everything… and it makes me sick..

    I love to do my own simple touches! And I love how I look when I do!

  • At June 15, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Rula said... thank you :) and about that web page, it would be a really nice -helpful thing to do.. since I know how hard it can be to plan for a wedding, and I know horrible it is when you have to do it alone!

    There are many things to think about,, most of which have never crossed your mind! And you'll be very surprised! :$ Im glad Im almost done!

    Life ... the foundation that creates the MASK look.. haha! Me too, I love to do it alone, and I have all the colors and things that go well with my face.. brushes that are only used by me.. ;)


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