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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

the 3 questions

one of the things that will stay on my mind from my last visit to Amman is a very weird incident.

So I guess some people will never change! I saw a friend, whom I lost touch with long time ago, and it was like nothing from all the potential scenarios that I imagined happening. Far away from anything I expected. But it's only because.. again, some people - especially those who are curious- will never change.

Instead of all the normal 'Hi, How are you'.. thing, and instead of me asking about what's new, her engagement.. blah blah. And just because I don't really care, and I don't like to ask .. if someone wants to say something, then let it be, otherwise I wouldn't really ask..

I was asked three questions, and that's it.. nothing more, nothing less..

How long are you staying here?

Is your hubby with you?

When is he leaving?!

And she was gone...

that was it.. after not seeing her for almost a year, and the problems we had.. this was our conversation, or better to say 'questioning'.. !



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