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Thursday, January 24, 2008

How frustrating!!!

This is the third time we decide to go to the beach, prepare the beach bag, get my pink big hat which doesn't fit inside the bag, hide the money and mobile in the magical hidden pocket inside the bag, get the sunglasses, sunblock, and leave the house only to come back in less than ten minutes.

Two weeks ago, the minute we got to the beach it just started to rain!! Rain in the summer .. how ugly is that!

Today was a different case though.. it was a 'sunny' happy morning, or so it seemed, and we got so excited to make a quick decision and plan our third attempt.. the minute we got out, the weather completely changed.. it was chilly, with no sun at all, and cloudy in an extremely annoying way.

So I thought instead of going there and ruin the day while waiting for the sun to come back or the weather to get better, we should cut it short and go back home, and just change to plan B. I've been here for almost a month now, and I haven't really expected to have such a weather in the summer.. it's really frustrating to have all the beaches but not being able to go to any because of a bad weather.. and this has been the case for almost a month now! I still haven't seen any penguins or dolphins... *sigh*



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