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Saturday, January 19, 2008

no more running

Since the weather hasn't been great lately, and Im not doing any walking .. I decided today to use the treadmill. And because one of the two treadmills is down now, and I have no clue WHY when It was working perfectly just before I leave, it's getting harder to find the one that's working not in use. I was so excited to find no one there, and was happy that finally Im going to try and burn off some of the Pakistani food I had today.. so I skipped the walking part that I normally do before the running, and started running immediately.. as I was trying to slow down the speed a bit after realizing that this is becoming too much, surprise- surprise, the 'slow' button was not working, not even with a hit...

I wanted to really know if it's only this particular button, or it's the whole damn thing, so I tried to push the 'fast' button just to see if things are ok.. then when nothing seemed to be working on that board, I said ok Im going to do it .. I'll try the 'stop' .... but it was not working as well!

My legs were killing me from the running, and I was speeding of course with all the energy I had earlier after our heavy breakfast and lunch today.. but I COULDN'T STOP THE MACHINE! I was trying to imagine all the possible ways I can pull myself away without getting any part of my body broken.. and i finally saw it, that stopping emergency button (which is supposed to be RED but for some odd reason someone decided to ruin that little thing too and turned it to black, so you'd hardly get to see it), but I did.
And at that point I started to hope that this would finally stop it.. and thank God it did.

What i don't understand is how can they screw up both treadmills at the same time!! Im really pissed off. And I get more pissed off remembering what happened today.. and all the panic I felt just because there was no sign that says this stupid machine has some issues!



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