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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

36 hours

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I thought I don't like the routine, but I guess even those who believe that routine sucks hate it when they become used to a certain thing or way or lifestyle and then things just change.. so after getting used to this long summer holiday, university will start next monday! If you asked me how I feel about this a week ago I'd say very bad and depressed but now I am accepting it because I really want to finish the two coming semesters and concentrate on the practical real business world.

Last semester I remember one of the lecturers was saying if you want to get a distinction you need to study for each course at least 9 hours a week. So that would make 9*4= 36 hours of studying as a minimum for all the courses/ week. At that time I thought she must be kidding, and what a funny thing to say to scare the shit out of the first semester new students.. but I remember studying more than 36 hours/ week and that was not funny at all!!

It is stressful, depressing and very intensive. But Im planning to have an organized schedule, and to try my best to use my time wisely and manage the three.. studying, work and home. Plus of course seeing friends and outings. No more facebook twice a day, no more blogging every single day and no more msn. Those will be my major online changes I guess..

With all the huge changes, I still believe being busy is much better than having nothing to do. And I know for a fact, looking back at this time a year from now, it would just feel great. I don't have any expectations for this semester, but Im taking all the 4 business cores which might be hard.. it's all because I still didn't make up my mind about the Marketing/ HR dilemma, so this would probably give me more time to think... ummm or not to think at all and leave the decision for the last semester!!!



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