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Friday, February 08, 2008

just like a year ago

* speakers on *
Just like a year ago..

Today is Special!
It is me & you.. Today is oursEvery step we make
And every moment we share
Make me give you that one look, which says it all..

It is being around you is what I love the most, no matter where you are or what you do
And it is ironic how even when we are together, I would still miss you!

We had our ups and downs, but every step down pushed us a thousand steps up
It is the way you always think about the future in terms of ‘me and you’.. I have never understood the word ‘us’ and what it really meant before I met you.
The way you always and no matter how down I feel, have faith in me.. and the way you bring out the best in me.

It is me enjoying your technology talks, checking the Dick Smith and Harvey Norman with you every time we’re in the mall, and loving every bit of it! It is me loving Apple, MAC, Ipods, biking, ping pong and whatever you enjoy and like.. It is you telling me to check up a new dress while we’re walking, or You planning all our beach outings, and no matter how bad the weather is just because you know I would enjoy it..

It is us becoming closer, together planning a future, sharing interests, and having two laptops while sharing one printer!

It is all the time, affection, emotions.. and making my life here far away from family and friends just like being home

The way you opened my eyes to new things, new ways to enjoy life.. and making me have faith in tomorrow as ‘tomorrow is a better day, because it only gets better’
All the joy you brought into my life
All the smiles and laughter
Make me now more certain
That I am blessed and lucky to have you!
It is you being who you are is what I love the most..
Happy ‘one year’ Anniversary




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