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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I will proudly be the first.. Jordan (BAJO)

I was so excited for this particular day, and I thought that no matter how busy I am (so busy to just remember now- at midnight that it's actually the 12th of March), so I will have to do this one post before I sleep. And It makes me more excited to be the first one to do it.. since we're ahead of everyone!!!

Being away makes me want to talk about what 'Jordan' means to me now.. the way I see it, feel it, and love it more and more..

Jordan.. It is the word that I enjoy hearing the most now that I am away.. It is the word I proudly say when asked 'from where are you'.. It is the word that has a unique sweet echo.. it is the one word that brings back the happiest memories, loving friends and family.

For me, Jordan is not only Petra and Dead Sea.. it is in the generous people... the security.. the precious feeling of belonging..

Jordan is not only in the mountains and desert.. it is in the warmness in its air.. the coziness of its streets..

Jordan is in what I feel each time the plane lands .. it is where I want to be buried.. it is the very one place that will remain in my heart no matter where I am...



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