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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Messy kids. Noisy kids. Naughty kids.

In a shopping mall, park or street.. kids can be so funny and they really make all shopping experiences more enjoyable but only to the people who are watching and definitely not for the parents!

Being raised in a house where things need to stay in place, some closets are never to be opened and clothes must always stay clean.. it draws a big smile on my face when I see Messy kids. Noisy kids. Naughty kids.

But Im wondering if the too much freedom, and doing whatever kids want or feel like is always a good idea. As I was in K-mart the other day, a very sweet 4 or 5 years old little girl was trying out the black high heels her mom wanted to buy.. she looked so cute with her ponytail and small feet in the big high shoes, walking in a very funny way with the tied pair. It is a scene I will never be able to forget.. but that sweet cute incident started to turn to disturbance and real embarrassment for the parents as they wanted to leave and she just started to cry and scream refusing all their convincing attempts to take the shoes off..

Another funny kids adventure happened in Ikea today, as the parents were checking out the kids bedrooms, the children wanted to feel comfortable.. so one of the two sisters was jumping and the other one was covering herself with the barbie bed cover and actually sleeping in the displayed bed!

And this made me wonder whether the parents are really enjoying their uncontrollable children funny innocent behaviors.. or would they be enjoying it the first few times and then it won't be funny anymore especially when things get out of control and children just stop listening or behaving?! Does the too much spoiling give kids more freedom to enjoy their childhood.. is it the healthy way of raising a kid -the modern way- as some people call it!!!?



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