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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To be remembered..

I got an e-mail from one of my colleagues, sending me kisses and hugs from one of the girls who was with me in a workshop in Germany.. and said that she mostly remembers my 6 pieces of baggage, which she helped me to pack before we left! It's funny, but I guess some things would never change.. so even for a two days trip I would still carry more than I need.. and I keep thinking 'JUST IN CASE'! The thing is that I don't use half as much as I take!

But you know what, I do believe that I would feel a thousand times worse if I needed something that was left home.. and thought 'I wish I didn't'! So better to have it all than to be sorry, though with the no more 'unlimited weight thing', this definitely shouldn't be the case. 6 pieces of baggage.. that makes me blush. Seriously!!! So it's not about anything that has to do with me or with the two weeks we spent there.. !!! How funny/ weird/ unexpected/ different/ odd is that !!!

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