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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

stop the bullshit.. no one is interested!

It really surprises me how some people present themselves in foreign countries. And the way I react to this stupidness is by not wanting to have anything to do with them even if we speak the same language.. and it is just sad. But i'd rather keep it this way..

There is this student who REALLY gets on my nerves, he keeps saying I am from country X whenever he raises his hand to answer a question.. even if it's more than once in the same lecture! so I thought it's weird but maybe he's just too attached to his country and proud of it.. so why not! But it turned out that for him this is a way of saying I am rich, we have oil.. we have oil, we are rich!

And it doesn't stop there. He keeps talking and asking about oil regardless of what the lecture is about .. so if the lecture is about monopoly, he asks about oil and he would of course have this introduction of saying 'im from country X, blah blah... what about oil!!?' If the lecturer is talking about diamond, he'd say what about oil?! if it's economy, companies, game theory... anything and everything, he'd ask about oil!

I think i know him too well by now, to guess what his question would be and get it right even before he asks!

Sometimes I feel like telling him, show them more of what we are and who we are.. Don't be this shallow, no one cares or wants to hear more about your oil crap!



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