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Thursday, July 10, 2008

it's a matter of luck

In school years I used to care about marks a lot, every single mark used to count.. and even if the difference between me and the first student was to be half a mark, this only meant one thing.. I am not the first, but the second.

My parents were to give us anything and everything.. the only rule was to study well and do well.. my dad mainly was the one who used to push us to study harder, and I remember there were times when I thought that all doctors have the same obsession.. they want their children to be the first and best -always, in whatever they do.

Sadly but true, I still seem to care about marks. Till now! It stresses me out a lot. And I still get to hear dad asking me on the phone about my marks! I see it differently now, it makes me happy to know he cares and he wants to be involved .. though at times I feel I still carry that burden and that same feeling of responsibility for not wanting to disappoint him!

I came to realize that with Masters it's not similar, and it is not that easy. It is a matter of luck.. and it purely depends on who is to teach the course in that particular semester.

Masters is based more on your 'opinion', or this is how we are told. They would keep repeating and highlighting the fact that when you are to work on an assignment, you have to state your own opinion. This is what we are told, but this is exactly what should never happen.

Even if you are encouraged to write what you think, 99% of the times this means you are screwed if you are to do so. Masters is ONLY about you writing what they want to read.. regardless of your own beliefs or thoughts...

However, even if you are to write what they want to hear, this doesn't necessarily lead to a high grade.. the key is to do it in a way that is in harmony with how those lecturers think and how they structure their thoughts.. whether their priority is given to clearly structuring your idea and represent it in well defined points, or to have it written in a proper essay format.. it all matters!

This semester was not any easier, and I have learned never to enroll in a course with 'open book' exams. It was the first and will definitely be the last .. I thought open book exams are created to make it easier for students to study and to prepare, but I was mistaken big time! The result is to end up confused not knowing from where to write or where to start.. and not having enough time to copy it all in a neat format.

I have also learned that no matter how hard the exams' period is, after the results are displayed... you would forget how stressful that period was and all the times in which you said 'I don't care and don't give a damn', the truth is, in reality and when it is all over.. -you would still care, and would still wish if that Credit was nothing but a Distinction!!!



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