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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


After 14 hours of flying, 8 hours of transit, and then another remaining connection flight.. I feel sticky, TIRED, dizzy,jet lagged, and in desperate need of a shower and a very long sleep..

I remember there was a time when I used to be really excited about traveling.. but it's so different now!

There was no way to spend the 14 hours without watching movies, but the problem was to find one that I have not watched!!! So i ended up watching 'awake' and 'shutter'.. they were ok! ummm, different..

In dubai's lounge, there was this drunk man.. and I spent an hour enjoying all the drama he was creating. He wanted to get in his flight but with only one 'simple problem'- this is the way he was seeing it- he was dizzy and falling down every time he wanted to carry his bag and head to the gate! He was calling everyone around funny names.. but the action ended when a security guy came and accompanied him out!

5 more hours to go! the last time I've been here was 7 months ago. Im just too tired to think, read or focus. I want to be excited and happy.. but all Im thinking of right now is getting in that last flight!!! It is just one hell of an extremely long, boring, exhausting journey.



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