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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tips 01

to do, and not to do - on your flight:

1- Make sure to keep the headphones on, even when you are sleeping. Cause you can never know when would a baby decide to cry or scream.

2- In long flights, go for an aisle seat. I know this might not sound appealing, but there is no way for you to be able to keep moving your legs, and stretching your feet if you are having a window seat and the person next to you is huge. It's 14 hours, damn it. This experience would probably make me avoid window seats forever! Going to the bathroom would be hard with an aisle seat and a full flight, especially if you can't really control it and end up awaking all people around you while stumbling with your things and others' things too.

3- Carry a small shoulder bag. Ok, Im not the best person to talk about this.. because I can never follow this rule. The one I carry while traveling is used for that particular reason only since its just too big to be used for anything else! Though I considered using it once for a beach because I knew my big summer hat would fit perfectly there. But I just realized that carrying this with a laptop and getting a window seat, makes you not able to see any of those bags before landing, and no matter how long the flight is!!!

4- I am traveling with a bag that weights 16 Ks only! My hubby was shocked. It feels great honestly.. I didn't have anything to worry about.. it's just so light and convenient. But it might be the first and last time, I had a strong reason to keep it light this time, thinking why to bother when new stuff are waiting for me home from mom's last visit to Dubai!

5- Travel pillows won't work with economy class seats. Even if it's a cute pinky one! It would still not work.. the fact that it's pink and trendy won't change anything. There is just too little place for you to rest your neck. Travel pillows with little space would make you feel stiff and would just limit your movement.

6- Carry a light book. Mine is like 500 pages. It's heavier than the bag itself! I thought I can finish it in the flight and just leave it there.. but it didn't work. Flying at night without enough lights for reading would make you sleep even if you don't want to.

7- It's the first time for me to carry a proper amount of cash and I realized that the best thing for this is to wear jeans. Put them in one of the jeans pockets, and forget about them .. to remember this would be essential in the bathroom though especially with tight jeans, it might be a little risky.. you should be careful!!

ummm, Im too sleepy to think about more tips! Part 2 might follow, if the jet lag keeps me awake for the night..



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