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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ineresting- Need a Fresh Start?

The world's friendliest countries based on the HSBC Bank International's Expat Exploreer Survey, ranks Canada as the most welcoming, followed by Germany and then Australia.

The United Arab Emirates was found to be the most difficult for expats, along with China and India- all due to cultural differences. And the U.S. ranks sixth among the 14 nations surveyed.

In Depth: World's Friendliest Countries
1- Canada
2- Germany
3- Australia
4- U.K.
5- India
6- U.S.
7- Hong Kong
8- Spain
9- France
10- Netherlands
11- China
12- Belgium
13- Singapore
14- United Arab Emirates



  • At February 23, 2009 , Anonymous Qwaider قويدر said...

    India easier than the US!???

    No freakin way in HELL!
    I've been to both places, and I can tell you with great authority, India is way harder to live in. It's not as welcoming and there's this huge cultural gap that most people didn't even know existed.

    And China easier than UAE!? The country that doesn't even allow you to leave the city you're in without a passport!? Give me a break

    (Directed at HSBC/forbes, and not you) :)

  • At February 23, 2009 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    well maybe Qwaider things changed NOW, who knows.

    Btw this rating is based on 'four categories: ability to befriend locals, number that joined a community group, number that learned the language and percentage that bought property.'

    so this is another thing to consider!

    But I agree with the first three :D


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