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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Jacuzzi Incident

Funny things keep happening, I guess life has a way to make us smile all the time. The Kempinski Dead Sea is a place I would never want to revisit for many reasons. Though I must admit that the timing is something I could have managed.. the timing was really bad.

Something really funny happened in the indoor spa. The jacuzzi there is a total nightmare.. I have never seen anything like that. It has this strange power of pulling people down. Seriously! I was about to get drown in a jacuzzi!!
It would be the most bizarre incident EVER. Not only that but as I started to swallow water and yell, the life guard took off his shirt and was about to jump and rescue!!!

Thank God, I managed to get out alone. But it was so embarrassing! I gave the life guard a reason to keep laughing forever I guess. And it got worse when he asked if I know how to swim!

It was bad!


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