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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roller Coaster

There are stuff that are hard to accept even when you expect them to happen.

Life is a roller coaster.. I wish mine was more neutral. The ups and downs are so close that I don't get to feel the 100% happiness when things are good... ups and downs often come in pairs.
There is always something to worry about.. a thought or a sad memory in the background. I might be a worrier.. but I was not born like that.
The ups and downs are so close that while I can't sleep from the happiness, I find it hard to sleep next day from misery.
Certain talks are always in the memory, along with certain events. I wish I can just wipe the bad ones and keep the good.

While yesterday I experienced an exceptional type of joy, Im finding myself today going through mixed sad emotions.. Or maybe it shouldn't be as hard because it's the last damn painful thing that can happen!

Can a 3 minutes' incident turn all the feelings and emotions upside down.. I guess it can! They change everything so fiercely and instantly that you no longer know where you stand or where's your ground. Im leaving the next step to people who like planning.. people who live to plan thinking that the plan is the future with no God in charge. Im leaving them for their plans .. but this would no longer affect me, cause I will always be the one with no plan, but with a faith in a God that is there to help me with whatever life throws my way..


  • At February 24, 2009 , Anonymous kinzi said...

    I have a couple friends for whom life has been so hard they have numbed their ability to feel either the highs or the lows of life. How sad!

    Hang in there...grab hold of each, feel it to the fullest and learn what God has to teach you in each. :)

  • At March 05, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yes... grab hold of the Earth. I've been through this too! If you want to read a good book that may change things for you (as it did me) "Hands of Light" by Barbara Brennan... or, "Light Emerging". Good luck! Accepting the downs will help you create more happiness eventually.


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