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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I remember how the 'BlackBerry' used to cause many arguments back at university.. in fact one of the lecturers did many studies related to this subject and to the main concept of staying connected.
While some people think it would add to the efficiency and the productiveness of companies, others find it an annoying way to deprive employees from their privacy and creativity.

I was at a friend house yesterday, and they were talking about how hard it is not to have internet. Her husband spent the whole time checking whether the internet is back.. and they were disconnected for two days only!
But why to find this surprising, when I make hotel bookings depending on the availability of free internet.. when I pay more for the ticket and insist on a specific airline just to have business lounge access to get the free internet.. when I prepare my laptop bag before any other bag.
I think it's not only about having internet access, it's more about being connected.
The need to feel you're connected anytime anywhere.. it provides a sense of security.

Last time I tried the online check-in and it was a disaster! You expect to get speed and convenience.. but I couldn't find any of that for the simple reason that the queue was much longer than the queue for the normal check-in. People are all aware of this service, they all want to try, but it's no longer fast when no one is using the old way and the counters are not enough to serve everyone.

I keep thinking about the time we didn't have internet... how did we spend our days? I bet we had plenty of extra time!


  • At February 26, 2009 , Blogger nido said...

    With no internet my day becomes longer and sometimes I become more creative!
    If I don't use the free time wisely my day ends up to be the most boring one ever...
    soon we will move and we'll have no internet...I don't know what to do without it :s spend more time outdoors maybe!?


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