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Monday, February 23, 2009

when hope ends...

Love dies when hope ends

I believe it's true.. if you are a hopeful person then you would be living this whenever you are in love, or 'you think you're in love!'

Hope comes in different shades.. we hope we meet the right person, after this comes true.. we hope that this person is the one, then we hope that things change.. and love grows.. we hope to overcome all obstacles and difficulties... we hope that tough times bring us closer.. we hope that the dark clouds leave our skies.. we hope that people leave us alone.. we hope that separation makes us appreciate each other more.. we hope that life makes our paths cross again.. we hope that the nice memories live forever and be a reason for creating yet better and more precious moments.. we find a way to live the hardest times by keep hoping.

Through out the whole process, love would still be there. It would only die when hope ends.. and when this happens there will be no going back. As a new stronger hope replaces it... with new horizons, different attributes and equations.


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