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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have no idea why I find this movie hilarious.. I remember when I started watching it, I thought Im not going to see the end. But then things got funnier and I felt it deserves a chance..

I hate seeing movies more than one time.. but I am ready to see this one again and again and again. To see how people react while seeing it.. it's so different! The idea.. the actress.. the whole thing is just crazy. INSANE!

She's such a character! Absolutely hilarious. The best scenes were of Poppy and her driver instructor.. playing the opposite characters. Her being the optimistic happy Poppy who stays this way regardless of what's happening around her and no matter of all the things that should put a normal person down, and him- the driver- being the person who hates the world and gets angry because of the silliest reasons.
It shows contradictions but in a hilarious way! It has an ironic start with the book 'The Road to Reality'.. and this character being far away from anything that has to do with reality!


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