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Saturday, March 21, 2009

old ladies and the bus

You don't want to get close to them. They can be weird in a funny way.. As I was just getting on the bus the other day, I felt a strong push.. no actually it was as if I was pulled out.. and to my surprise, that was coming from an old lady - wearing everything in pink even the hat - and she was like .. 'EXCUSE ME, I was here first'!

I mean if you were here first how come you're pulling me out after showing up from no where.

And then again, as I was sitting in this super crowded bus, an old lady found a seat next to me. I had to get off after two stops.. but it was almost impossible in a crowded bus and with an old lady knitting! Yes, she was actually knitting with her wool all over the place.. and a big white board to learn the different knitting knots!!!


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