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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I still can't get over the fact that my dad is following me on TWITTER! I am beyond shocked. I remember when I first created an e-mail account for him.. that was just like yesterday! No actually he started with the computer games, and then an e-mail account (so that he can get cool e-mails with some new photos from me and others for my niece), and then after that he went a level higher by replying back and forwarding some of the attachments he keep getting from the hospitals!

They definitely make me happy.. not that they are interesting.. but what really matters is me seeing his name in my inbox! It makes me want to give him a big big big hug.

They look so cute- mom and dad- I mean when he clicks on the 'download all attachments' and he calls her to check out the photos we send him. I used to love this part.. those were moments to treasure forever.

I wanted to see what's so special about twitter and twittering, so an invitation was sent automatically to all the e-mails I have in my account, and apparently my dad was one of them.

Today I got an e-mail saying Dr Faris is following you on twitter. And I was like WHAT!!!

I think his next step would be/should be facebook. Let's see! Oh I am so loving and missing you dad. I miss everything about you.. especially those funny unexpected things you do!!!


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