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Sunday, April 05, 2009

life without my camera

I thought my laptop is the most important thing in my life. But now I changed my mind big time! Living without my camera is hard.. I thought it's a pain to have it as a carry on in addition to the laptop but now I can't stop myself from saying what was i thinking!!!

1- Going out is not as fun as it used to be. When there is no rain I can't but think I wish I have my camera with me.
2- I enjoy the major events in the city, but when Im home it would be over. There is nothing to look at .. no rush or excitement! I have always thought that what's more fun than being there is next day.. when you look at the captured moments in vivid colors!
3- I feel so light with my shoulder bag. Im used to carry it with my black crumpler - camera case. 4- I wanted to frame some photos. But I have no recent ones.. I had to go back to photos that were taken > 5 months!
5- I have to use my mobile camera which is not as half as good. It seriously makes me think twice before taking a photo. The other night I wanted to take photos of a place called 'dive' with a great diving sculpture, so I used my mobile. It looks ok.. I mean ok as in I can't use it anywhere else. It should stay on my mobile.. where it belongs!
6- Just like everything else.. now that I don't have it, I keep thinking about it all the time. Recently I had a thousand ideas of places to go and photos to take.. but it's not happening!

The only good thing though is that my laptop is faster.. no more big RAW photos. No more duplicate photos. No more 'edit', 'delete as soon as you're done', 'black and white', 'taken by me', 'personal' folders. Plus, my sisters' are more chilled and relaxed now that they don't have to worry about their inbox going full because of my super large photos.

I miss my D60. I seriously do!


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