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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things I REALLY hate..

There are things that I will never get and I will never accept. Amman for me meant home.. but now it's where my parents and old friends live. And to be honest and fair, I believe if they live in any other country I would go to visit them there.. that's it.. without looking back!

Things in this country change slowly, and sometimes they never change. Every time I come, it would be with hope, but this time I was so frustrated and disappointed that I don't think there will be any hope left for the other visits yet to come!

Things that I truly hate in this country, and those are the same things that make me feel blessed to be away:
- Not being able to go for a walk.. No parks, and you can't take a walk.. not even in your neighborhood for all the nasty comments you'd be hearing.. regardless of what you're wearing or what time it is!

- People being so nosy to the degree that they'd be checking your shopping basket and giving you all the stupid looks ..
- Guys staring, commenting,
and smiling in the most disgusting possible way. For this to happen in a mall -not while walking in the street- it's just too much.. especially when you are walking with a baby!!!

- driving with no rules what so ever! No blinkers when changing lanes.. and cars honking all the time for everything and anything.. it seriously drives me nuts!

- comparing all this shit to the life over there and thinking to myself that as long as I am home or visiting relatives and friends then im enjoying my time.. but once im doing something outdoor it's H E L L!

And what made things worse this incident of an old woman -wearing a hijab- who was driving today with what appeared like two daughters in the mall trying to find a parking spot.. with a baby in a trolley and so many things to carry, moving is not really the easiest thing.. but since this lady wanted to park and people are getting less and less patient apparently these days.. she said something so rude that I was so astonished to the degree of not being able to find a suitable response!
I mean seriously if you are a mom then you should be a role model to your daughters who are with you in the same car, and then before wearing a hijab go learn some essential treatment and attitude basics.. how to be nice and good to people.. learn how to respect so that you can be respected! you seriously damaged the hijab image.. it just disgusts me big time!


  • At May 17, 2009 , Blogger Sam said...

    ah i know what you mean....hubby does not understand how nighmarish it is for me to live in an arabic country....i love going out fpr walks without hit on...and the stupid thing they ask u if those r your kids...u say no then they ask for your number....yeh i dont think so....then the "side walks" walking is so dangerous...and those idiot time i was trying to cross a small side street with my kids and neice..7yo, 6yo and 3yo...when this b wanting comes makes a left turn so fast she was so close and the thing is she had kids with she should know how unproidectable kids r...stupid lady...uggh..i can go on...i love amman..but there r so many thing i wish were different...

  • At June 04, 2009 , Blogger Maijaury said...

    Tell Shireen! We had a fight about his issue when I was last in Amman, she said 2al we become snobish when we live abroad! And I live in Bahrain ya3ni mush ishi ikteer modern and people here are so polite!

  • At June 04, 2009 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    sam.. i can't tell you how annoying this trip was for me! we (me and my sister) walk in MALLS with my baby niece .. and they still make nasty comments. I really don't get it! it's disgusting.

    miso.. shou bidik b shireen :P I have more stories.. stay tuned! they're shocking!


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