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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

unlike dreams..

fears always come true

So far, my fears have always come true. And I really can't seem to understand whether it is part of living .. or it is because unconsciously we play a big part -even without realizing or admitting- of making them come true.

Whenever I feared something and I sensed it coming closer, I used to feel indifferent.. and I've always had the 'I don't care' attitude.. with the - let it happen.. now is better than later!
The logic behind that was twisted in a way, and for many, it might not even make sense.
If the worst fear comes true, then I will be free .. nothing worse can happen after that.

Maybe because in my head the fear turns to a clear image of the near future.. or maybe because big fears remind me of old painful fears that turned to reality. It reminds me of fighting so fiercely to stop them from happening, yet I had little control and very little to say in what I wanted or what I wished for.

But now I believe it's a different time, and a different place.. it's a different world altogether!

it is time to dream and to block all fears

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