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Sunday, June 21, 2009

freaking weird

Ok, yeah.. there is the 'like' / or comment option on facebook status. you can leave a comment or just keep it short and click on 'like'. But seriously, is it this hard to understand when to hit and when you can't.. or let's say should not.

So, here is someone grieving the death of his father, and with such extremely sad unexpected news,, a 'friend' comes and clicks on this stupid 'like' thing!

This is freaking sick and weird.. it doesn't even look right!!! !!!

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  • At June 22, 2009 , Anonymous I Three Dots said...

    ... the "like" button is really annoying sometimes, and the solution to this problem is as simple as adding more buttons such as"dislike" "sorry" or "allah be3een"!

  • At June 22, 2009 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    (allouh),, you can't imagine how precious FB appears to be especially for those who live abroad. At times, you can feel it's the only link to the closest friends and relatives.

    At times of grieving or even happiness, when you are so far away yet you need people to be with you.. then FB becomes more than what people think it is..

  • At June 22, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh comeon, Hitting LIKE on a fathers death ?, How lame!

  • At June 22, 2009 , Blogger Life said...

    I saw that! And I was SO close of writing that Stupid guy a msg telling him how wrong I find that!!
    But then! How do you communicate with such levels of mentality!!
    :( It’s Weird and sad!!

  • At June 24, 2009 , Anonymous Mohammad Badi said...

    A lot of looooooool'z... well i love "Like" on facebook because sometimes i like something but i don't have time (busy) or bored of writing a comment so i think "Like"=comment on facebook. May be this guy did this by wrong anyway try to note him about this.

  • At June 25, 2009 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Life.. it was so freaking weird! i can't get over it.. and keep checking if it's still there or removed!

    Mohammad Badi .. yeah maybe by mistake.. who knows :)


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