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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Im changing my mobile number.. AGAIN

I think I prefer the old Fastlink we once had.. I prefer their customer service and the way they deal with complaints and handle everything else..

Before leaving I called Zain's customer service, to ask them about keeping my number (as I won't be residing in Jordan) and because I lost the only number I truly liked when I was here.. after they simply decided to do so without sending any notification, since the number was not used but nonetheless it was registered in my name..

So they kept giving me all the options I can do with the number I have but while residing in Jordan. And then they said that if I want to keep my number I need to send a message from Sydney every blah blah days.. which meant that I need to bother my parents and let them charge my mobile for me while Im here. It doesn't make any sense .. really!

The other thing they do in the most annoying way.. they keep sending those ad messages -regardless of the time difference- and basically there is no reason to send such stupid messages but to finish the credit you have.
So, Zain.. will you stop finishing my credit? and no, I don't want to win a car. I don't want to win anything..

Well you know what? I don't need your credit.. I won't even use this sim card again.. next time Im back I'll buy a new number and let people know.. but seriously that's the worst service ever!

I remember when I was in Dubai with my sister back in February, she lost all her credit without doing a single phone call or sending a single message because of the massive amount of meaningless messages sent to her from Zain!!!

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