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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Amman's Cats *&$@=@!$ Sydney's Birds

I have always thought that Amman's cats are rude. As in they don't move, they think the streets, gardens, cars belong to them.. and if they are resting under the car, they wouldn't move an inch no matter how hard you try.. so you end up waiting and waiting before going anywhere..

I heard of many things that Sydney's birds do.. Im used to them walking and flying in McDonald's or Hungry Jack's. And I often see waiters in outdoor cafes -especially those that are close to the Darling Harbour- telling people not to feed any, or the whole place would be attacked.. they come in groups, and it's not a joke..

But what happened today is just unbelievable. As we were eating french fries, I had this one half in my mouth and was holding the other half so close to my mouth.. a bird came from behind me and took it away.. just from between my fingers!!

it happened so fast, and all I saw was a shadow and felt something wet... but I didn't understand what happened or how it happened!

that was shocking!

I have always said that Sydney's birds are similar -or remind me - of Amman's cats. But now I seriously believe they are even worse..

I put the fries away.. no more for me!

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