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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It is the one time I felt..

I didn't really understand or appreciate the sincerity of flying from one country to another just to be with someone... to see someone .. I didnt understand the source for such an urge .. I didn't value the true strong feelings behind such an act, and I couldn't relate to what it truely represents.

Until, it happened to me one time.. I was the one who made that decision and packed my things and just did it. To be honest, it felt great! I will never regret such a thing.. as much as it was nerve wrecking, as much as I believed it is the one thing that I did with such a fierce power, I fought so hard to make it happen.. It is the one time I felt extremely strong, deeply sincere, so in love, and very courageous!

It is astonishing how much effort a person puts in an attempt to find happiness.. it feels more or less as a an endless journey that has no beginning or end.. pursuing happiness is just like driving in a foggy morning.. it's tough at the beginning then it gets easier as the fog slowly clears.. but since I am not a morning person, it just doesn't work for me..

I always felt that I get attached to people rather than to places, though now I doubt that this is the real case.. when you love someone so much, sometimes it can extend to loving the place in which you shared all the memories with.. it is as big as a continent, a country, a city, an area, and gets smaller to a road, a building, an apartment, a room and even a car...

I remember all the times I flew to be with my parents.. and I remember all the times I flew to be with my sisters, and with her... her smile sends me to this special place, her twinkling eyes paint the future with brighter colors .. and I really really really miss that unique feeling she creates and adds to my world.. it is definitely worth the flying to be with her.. counting the hours, minutes and seconds.. She's an absolute gem.


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